About us


We’r a dynamic team of Creative, Innovative & Expert Developers

AYDIAV, the name comes from the actual word VAIDYA, which actually meaning is traditional, herbal doctors of ancient age. As the vaidya’s used to look after the health of people, maintaining the health of your company through online technologies is what we thrive for. Our aim is to go green, paperless world, everything in the click of your hand, replacing papers with web and mobile technology.

We are a small growing, web & mobile app development agency. In the world of progressing technology, we are moving forward with an excellent team. Here at AYDIAV, we believe in you, we believe in your dreams. From your first step to the successful end step of your journey, we will walk with you, helping you turn your dream to reality.

Why Us

Here at Aydaiv, we come to work every single day not because we have to but knowing that we are doing something to bring someone’s dream into reality is what drives our passion. No matter the scale and extent of your dreams, we will set no boundaries and hold not a barge. We will not compromise with your dream because we understand that our client needs the best.

Your success is what we look for.