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There are lots of problems in real life as fitness freaks like finding the right gym with good types of equipment and coach. Even if you find the right gym and coach you will have trouble remembering the past week’s workouts and sets, you might forget to keep track of previous workouts and may again start from beginning weights.
As a coach, you need to take care of many trainers explaining every exercise to every trainer. But some trainers are such a trouble maker that they ask how to do the same exercise every day.

The main goal of this app is to fix the problem of finding the right gym with a good coach and track every exercise and diet you do/take.


We at Aydiav Technology designed and built a gym application named GYM Hub for all the fitness freaks out there in Nepal, our main target in Nepal for the first version. We built a mobile app whereas a trainee you can track all your gym workouts with sets and weights and also see how the exercise is done in the right way. You can search and enroll in the best gym you like.
As a Coach, you can assign your workout and diet charts for all your trainees so that you don’t need to print all the charts and give them.